Local Artist Paints The Silvery Tay

As a local artist here in Newport-upon-Tay I am fortunate to be able to capture some of the beautiful scenery along the banks of the River Tay. These recent paintings of sailing boats on the beautiful silvery river Tay are captured from Newport-Upon-Tay. In the background you can see the evening sun as it sets over Kirriemuir. You can see Dundee Law just behind the buildings of Dundee on the opposite shore.

Local artist paints Sail boats on the Tay


Silvery Tay Sunset

The famous Tay Rail Bridge, which spans the Tay, is just over to the left of the painting and frames this stunning river scene. The sail boats are a common sight in the evening on the Tay as sailing enthusiasts enjoy the benefits of our lovely river. As a local artist it is a real privilege to be able to enjoy and paint these wonderful scenes.

A view of the Tayport bank is captured on the second of these paintings featuring the red-sailed sailing boats. On the theme of opposites, the scene is set in the morning sun.

Local artist paints the Silvery Tay


Red and Grey on the Silvery Tay

Here you can see one of the striking merchant houses on the banks of the Tay. This is a distinctive style of house found in this area

Fife Artist

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